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     Question Bank- Cloud Computing

UNIT – 1

1)     Explain the concept of business and IT perspective wrt cloud computing.
2)     What is virtualization in terms of cloud?  Also indicate the results of virtualization.
3)     What are the cloud service requirements?
4)     Explain the architecture initiatives on which cloud dynamic infrastructure is based.
5)     Explain the four major barriers to large scale adoption of cloud services.
6)     Explain the areas where cloud computing can be adopted.

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UNIT – 2

1)     With a neat diagram explain the cloud characteristics.
2)     Give the reasons for organizations migrating to cloud computing.
3)     List out the ways how cloud vendors are addressing the client challenges.
4)     Write few points on the cost factor related to the cloud computing.
5)     Write a note on the benefits of adopting the cloud.
6)     Explain the different models for cloud deployment.
7)     With examples explain the public clouds.
8)     With examples of private clouds explain the services given by private clouds.
9)     With reasons justify how private clouds have high cost of privacy.
10)What is a Hybrid cloud? List out the different types of hybrid clouds.
11) Explain the cloud models Impact and also explain the benefits of public cloud?
12)Explain the savings and cost metrics in cloud computing.
13)What are the security concerns that should be considered for the cloud deployments?
14)Differentiate public and private clouds.
15)What are the three major features for infrastructure and strategy planning in cloud computing?

16)Explain the five distinct stages in the path of simple virtualization to cloud computing.

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    1. there is only one cc paper since it was newly introduced for 2012 batch students. you can find it as part of 2nd sem question papers :


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