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M.Tech 3rd sem CS Syllabus (pdf)

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  M. Tech iComputer Science and Engineering III Semester
Information Security

Subject Code : 12SCS31                                                                                    IA Marks : 50
No of Lecture Hrs/Week : 4                                                                              Exam hours : 3
Total No of Lecture Hours : 52                                                                         Exam Marks : 100

1. Introduction  to Information  Security:  Introduction;  Whais security?  Critical  characteristics  of information;  NSTISSC  security  model;  Approaches  tinformation  security  implementation;  The Security System Development Life Cycle; Information Security Terminology.

2. Planning for Security: Introduction; Information Security Policy, Standards, and Practices; The

Information Security Blue Print.
3. Security Technology: Firewalls and VPNs: Introduction, Physical design, Firewalls, Protecting

Remote  Connections.  Intrusion  Detection,  Access  control  andOther  Security Tools:  Introduction; Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS); Honey Pots, Honey Nets, and Padded cell systems; Scanning and Analysis Tools; Access Control Devices.

4. Information Security maintenance: Introduction; Security Management Models; The Maintenance

5. Introduction to Network Security: Attacks, Services, and Mechanisms; Security Attacks; Security Services;  A  model  for  Internetwork  Security;  Internet  Standards  and  RFCs;  Wireless  network security.

6.  Cryptography:  Conventional  Encryption  Principles  and  Algorithms;  Cipher  Block  Modes  of Operation; Location of encryption devices; Key distribution; Approaches to message authentication; Secure  Hash  functions  and HMAC;  Public  Key Cryptography  Principles  and Algorithms;  Digital Signatures; Key management.

7. Authentication Applications: Kerberos, X.509 Directory Authentication Service.

8. Electronic Mail Security: Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), S/MIME.

9. IP Security: IP Security Overview, IP Security Architecture, Authentication Header, Encapsulating
Security Payload, Combining Security Associations, Key Management.

10.  Web  Security:  Web  security  requirements,  Secure  Socket  layer  (SSL)  and  Transport  layer
Security (TLS), Secure Electronic Transaction (SET).

11.  Software:   Introduction Softwar flaws;  Malware;   Software-based   attacks;   Digital  Rights


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